My father-in-law thinks the bulk of my job is simply turning other peoples' hair red to match my own (which in truth is never simply 'red' but ranges from fiery vixen to a lush, make-the-princesses-jealous pink). While he is missing the whole part where I use my expertise in styling, makeup, cut and color to create unique and worthwhile looks for everything from film projects and editorial photoshoots to fashion shows, weddings and TV interviews, what I think he is picking up on is that every time someone leaves my chair, there is a certain new spunk they carry with them. So thank you, Joe, I agree. The result of my job may be a look fit to shoot, but the goal has always been to share the power that comes from creatively expressing oneself. 

Based in Los Angeles for the opportunities, sunshine and ample produce, I am actually a Midwest transplant who regularly returns to Chicago to work with my wonderful clients there. Being a hair and makeup artist is about creating and growing relationships and if you need further proof of that, reach out to me and I'll tell you the story of working on set with a producer here in LA and figuring out that his mom was a client of mine who would fly from Baltimore to Chicago just for me to do her hair.